COMING UP: Blindspot Season 2


THE FIRST season of Blindspot saw Jaimie Alexander introduced as Jane Doe, a tattooed amnesiac, naked, in a duffel bag in Times Square. TV buffs were immediately hooked. The series smacked of nail-biting suspense and was laden with action scenes coupled with high-tech help.

Sullivan Stapleton and Jaimie Alexander in Blindspot

With FBI Special Agent Kurt Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) name among her maze of tattooed clues, she is taken into their custody. With her inked artwork decoding criminal acts and exposing such elements, she soon becomes a member of the team, although some of the members are wary of her sort of free rein in the field.

As the season progressed, the storytelling became predictable and interest started to wane in the same way that it did for Quantico. Thankfully, all the red herrings along the way, while trying to piece together Jane Doe’s backstory, resuscitated interest. The writers have gone all out to keep the momentum going. This season started with plenty of high-octane action scenes as Jane, who was being held at a CIA black ops site, escapes from custody. At the climax of season one, Weller meandered into a very dark hole, especially after the disappearance of Assistant Director Bethany Mayfair.

The cat-and-mouse chases are no longer as rampant as we move into the second season. Let’s just say that the mission is more clear-cut. Emotions, while still unstable, are kept in check as NSA Agent Nas Kamal (Archie Panjabi) highlights the greater objective: taking down Sandstorm, a terrorist group, with Jane as the infiltrator.

In a chat with Deadline, Panjabi commented on moving on after The Good Wife. She said: “I loved playing the role of Kalinda. I had such a great time. It’s something that is very special to me. In terms of anything that happened on The Good Wife, I think it’s only respectful to let it stay on The Good Wife.

“It was time for me for many reasons to unzip the boots and step into another show. But I can tell you, for those of you who miss the boots, I do wear a pair of knee-high boots on Blindspot.”

She describes her new character as “tough, tenacious and unpredictable” and is revelling in the fact that this character takes her out of her comfort zone. The stakes are definitely higher this season. We already know that the head of Sandstorm is Jane’s mother (technically her adopted mother) and that Jane’s real name is Alice Kruger. Yup, she’s a South African, born in Pretoria. And her brother is also part of the organisation.

Suffice to say, all these revelations put her in a rather tricky predicament. On the one hand, she wants to avenge the murder of Mayfair (and, in so doing, redeem herself with the team). And, on the other, she would have to betray her own blood to accomplish her mission.Oh, and Weller has yet to address the elephant in the room: his short-lived romance with Jane.

Blindspot season 2 airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) at 9.30pm tonight.