BRANDY, Fantasia, Tom Sizemore and Toni Braxton are among the celebrities who bagged reality TV shows to give their failed careers a boost. Heck, even Andrew Dice Clay went the same route with Dice: Undisputed on VH1 back in 2007. It was a monumental flop. But he is nothing if not tenacious about this “comeback”.

So here we are with Dice on M-Net Edge, in which he plays himself, this time in a semi-autobiographical comedy. Now this comedic approach has proved to be most successful for Adam F Goldberg (The Goldbergs), Chris Rock (Everybody Hates Chris), Margaret Cho (All-American Girl) and Jerry Seinfeld (Seinfeld). Will it produce the same results for Dice?

Andrew "Dice" Clay

Well, he certainly is hoping to rekindle his popular self from the 1980s and is accompanied by his receding hairline, chauvinistic comments and deluded state of importance. The one-liners vary from crass, sexist, politically incorrect to plain, old rude. Of course, for someone who knows his comedy schtick and is going down a very Borat-esque path with this six-episode series, Dice Clay is either bouncing back from oblivion or headed right back there.

In one of the latest episodes, he grumbles, “I used to do stadiums. I used to rock the world. Now I’m doing commercials.”

Suffice to say, he’s not happy with the nosedive his high-flying career has taken. Despite awkward attempts to cling on to his youthful prowess and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, he makes a bigger a** of himself. Oh, and he thinks YouTube is a big network!

And Wayne Newton is still p*ssed about him ruining a major acting gig for him. There’s also tension on the home front with Carmen making big career plans, much to his disapproval. His lame argument includes having difficulty finding the remote control. She very aptly responds: “I will give you permission to go f**k yourself. Why don’t you go back to 1989 and find your missing d**k?”

He argues: “Do you have any idea how this is going to f*ck my life?”

Of course, that wasn’t the only battle he lost. He suffers an epic fail while doing a Las Vegas commercial with “mindfreak”, Criss Angel. For viewers who remembered Vinyl, which aired on our screens last year, he had a role in it. However, the lines between the real person and stage persona blur to the point of being indistinguishable. And in toying with the whole “truth is stranger than fiction” approach, his comedy of errors, not forgetting foot-in-mouth-syndrome, will either have you completely engaged or repulsed by his rudeness. I found him a hoot!l

Dice airs on M-Net Edge (DStv channel 102) on Fridays at 9pm.