King of Queens, Sony Entertainment Television, 18.10

A hilarious comedy show about a working-class couple based in Queens, New York. Kevin James plays Doug Heffernan, an amiable deliveryman who lives with his wife, Carrie (Leah Remini) and her eccentric father, Arthur (Jerry Stiller). The beer-swilling, sports-watching, poker-playing Doug is your average “oke” who often finds himself on the receiving end of Carrie’s sharp tongue. In season five, Carrie receives a bonus at work after praying in church, prompting her to go on a “prayer spree”. Doug feels sorry for an unattractive woman and rewards her with a “mercy flirt”, but she misinterprets it.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vuzu, 19.30

Still in New York, the women are all reeling over the past evening’s meltdown. It’s the day of Kelsey’s premiere and everyone’s nerves are fraught.

Sons of Guns, Discovery Channel, 20.30

Will Hayden and his team of gunsmiths are back with more exciting custom weapons and plenty of fire power. In the third season, they transform a Ferret Scout into a riot control vehicle; secretly repair a Japanese auto cannon used by kamikaze pilots in WWII; and redefine armoured cars.

Beverly Hills Ninja, M-Net Comedy, 21.00

A clumsy, fat ninja follows a girl to America, where he tangles with an assortment of villains and causes chaos wherever he goes.