• Samsokolo, Mzansi Magic, 19.30

Dudu has found a new calling; tired of being ripped off by Mr Chan with his “UmChina” she has begun her “Umzulu”. She recruits customers to join Umzulu and has her own way of assigning winning numbers. Umzulu will get her all that she desires. Mzi’s new project will get Mkhozi all she desires – Niko.

• Auction Hunters, Discovery Channel, 20.00

Renegade storage buyers Allen Haff and Ton Jones travel from the Alaskan tundra to the Hawaiian tropics in search of America’s best collectibles. Every day, more than 10 000 abandoned storage units are put up for public auction in the US – a potential gold-mine for those who hunt unclaimed property. But bidding on storage units can be an extraordinary gamble.

• Bethenny Ever After, Vuzu, 20.30

Business is booming for Bethenny, but not quite fast enough when it comes to the growth of the Skinnygirl Margarita. When Bethenny realises liquor stores are unable to replenish their supply quickly enough, she enlists Jason to figure out the problem. But it’s a precarious position for Jason, as he understands Bethenny’s fiery nature doesn’t get burnt in the process.

• Police Women of Broward Country, Crime & Investigation Network, 21.00

The answers to tough crime in South Florida are the deputies and detectives of Broward County. We follow four female officers, as they dig deep into the South Florida under-world, with real criminals and real arrests. All officers are tough and strong enough to do police work in a man’s world, but they add the one thing the Broward Sheriff’s Office doesn’t always have – a woman’s touch.