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I will admit that I am no beer fan, actually I am not much of an alcohol person either. But that did not stop me from visiting Robson’s Real Beer, situated at 72 Albert Terrace near Ushaka Marine World. The chic new spot is ideal for travellers wanting to explore South African craft beer. The assortment of beer, including Cherry Beer, Skhokho lager, Miami Weiss, West Coast Ale, Vanilla Gorilla and Hammer of Thor, caters for all palettes, even a weak one like mine.

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There is a range of beers to suit any taste. Pictures: Gcina Ndwalane.The food is in a class of its own, some with some beer goodness.Brian Stewart gives us the beer tour.

Brian Stewart together with his two sons started the brewery in Shongweni in 2006, but with the demand from clients in Durban decided to move to the city in September last year. Now the trio are hoping to make it an appealing place for locals and tourists. We arrive at the brewery just before lunch.

Stewart and his sons introduce themselves, thereafter skipping to the beer lingo. The tour itself is 90 minutes long and no question is hard enough for Steward Senior to answer. He is so well versed in all things beer that it's hard not to be interested in the topic. Tours are charged at R80. More insight is provided on the making of the beers, its ingredients and its shelf life, then its onto the tasting.

Steward goes through the different ales, and what they should be paired with. Known as one of the oldest microbreweries in South Africa, the family owned business is hoping to put Durban on their map through their beers. Steward says that their beers have a distinct Durban feel to it. Their labels are designed to showcase Durban.

“We want to show travellers the true essence of a South African beer. Tourists like to taste local. While we have had a few tourists venturing into our brewery, we are hoping to get more tourists to visit,”Steward tells me later when we talk beer tours.

He said some travellers come specifically to taste their signature Durban Pale Ale, which is the only beer from Africa to feature on the 1000 beers to drink before you die guide. If beer is not your thing, their delectable food is a winner. The menu consists of burgers, tacos, snack boards and pizzas. Most of the food on the menu incorporates beer.

For further information, contact 031 035 0827.

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