Magical Kenya gets a thumbs up


I have never been to Kenya, but after spending some time at the Magical Kenya stand at this year’s Tourism Indaba, I feel like I have visited it many times. Kenya is known as the cradle of mankind and it's easy to see why. That is because Stephen Omondi and his team make it hard not to love Kenya. As you enter one is confronted with a man dressed in traditional Kenyan attire.

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Sabore Oyie welcomes guests to the stand.Damaris Kibe serves Kenyan tea and coffee for guests.Jane Regei plays a great host.Guests tweet for their free prize.Stephen Omondi and Sabore Oyie interact with guests.

The distinct checked cultural attire is bright enough to lure people to its stand. The man identifies himself as Sabore Oyie and immediately shows me to the assortment of Kenya media available.

There are CDs, magazines and other audio visuals available that entices you to visit Kenya. Once inside, you can sample some authentic Kenyan tea and coffee while having your pertinent questions answered. Even ridiculous questions like How far Kenya is from Africa? will be accepted. Come 5pm, one can taste their unique cocktail made from lime, honey, brown sugar, ice and vodka. It is the perfect way to usher in “It’s 5 o'clock somewhere”with other international guests. My personal favourite was the vending machine that spew out gifts after a single tweet was posted.

Guests tweet for their free prize.

I tweeted: “ I am at the @MagicalKenya stand at #Indaba2017. #AsambeeKenyaIndaba” and within minutes I got a bag filled with tea and coffee. There are other gifts like t-shirts and other merchandise. The vending machine is a personal touch to the stand that has proven to be a winner. I was amazed at how many people were interested in the African country, some even promising the hosts that they will plan a holiday sometime this year.

Stephen Omondi and Sabore Oyie interact with guests.

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