My favourite place: Brenda Mtambo

South Africa

Musician and singer Brenda Mtambo loves the beauty of South Africa and counts her favourite places hidden among its cities. Here are some of her favourite places.

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Musician and singer Brenda Mtambo favourite place is South Africa.Her favourite view is Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Where do you stay? I stay in Johannesburg.

Best walk around the city? I like going to Zoo Lake with my son for walks. It is the most beautiful experience.

Any must visit spots? Vilakazi Street in Johannesburg has the best historical places one can find.

What is your favourite view? The view from Table Mountain has to be the greatest.

What do you do on a free afternoon? I love to read a book in a quiet place. This can be anywhere.  

Best place for cocktails. It has to be any place around the beach. I love the restaurants around the beach in  Durban and Cape Town.

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