Airline group paints the Mother City

Western Cape

Lufthansa, one of the market leader in Europe’s airline sector, partnered with local Cape Town graffiti artists to produce three temporary outdoor art installations.

They hope the installations will increase the attractiveness of the city to international travellers in 2017.

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The art in Woodstock.Standing tall is the artwork in St Georges.One of the designs in Claremont.

The German passenger airline worked with Cape Town graffiti artists Lyle Dolman and Mathew Schafer from Arts Alternative to create a series of temporary art installations to show exactly how much they love the city. This coincides with the inaugural non-stop route between Cape Town and Frankfurt.

The graffiti art installations have been painted on three buildings in some of Cape Town’s busiest commercial areas, including Claremont, St Georges in the CBD, and Woodstock, all carrying the hashtag #LHCityoftheMonth. Brand Manager South Africa for Lufthansa, Jolanta Slomkowsk, said partnering with Arts Alternative allows them to showcase the local lifestyle and culture of the city.

“Cape Town is popular among international tourists for its distinguished attractions for tourists, while the city’s urban art has gained international acclaim for its ability to make powerful and socially insightful statements. Travellers identify with brands that fit their lifestyle in culturally relevant ways, and Lyle and Mathew’s graffiti installations are a wonderful expression of the soul of the city.

“The installations have pulled inspiration from the city’s beautiful landscape and culture, incorporating our chosen artists’ unique interpretations for the local community and international travellers to enjoy,” she said.

Schafer, who designed the artworks, said that it was a simple concept that mixed graffiti type photography.

“Cape Town has always been known to be at the forefront of South Africa’s design and creativity industry. Therefore, it's most fitting to have a campaign of this type run in Cape Town,” he said.

Wesgro CEO, Tim Harris said bookings to Cape Town from some major German regions grew by an estimated 30% last year and Lufthansa’s new direct route is going a long way to help grow economic relations with Germany.

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