Matriculants, chill out in the Cederberg Mountains

Western Cape

Cape Town - Rim of Africa, in partnership with Hi-Tec has created Matric Chill Out, a unique trail experience for young students who have just completed their final matric exams.

Taking place in the Cederberg Mountains from December 11 - 15, 2016, the Matric Chill Out is a five-day wilderness experience and thanks to the sponsors Hi-Tec, this adventure will be free for 24 lucky Matric students.

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The Matric Chill Out is a 5-day wilderness experience and thanks to the sponsors Hi-Tec, this adventure will be free for 24 lucky Matric students.

Every year thousands of Matric students give it their all to pass their exams.

“We want to offer 24 Matrics the opportunity to celebrate their achievement, to head into the mountains to get away from it all and rewind, reconnect, resoul, renature and rejuvenate.” says Rim of Africa co-founder Galeo Saintz.

“One of the objectives of creating the Rim of Africa trail initiative is to connect communities to nature and to foster an appreciation of our natural heritage in the youth - the Matric Chill Out offers this in a fun, relaxed adventure.”


What to expect on Matric Chill Out?

Swimming in rock pools, showers under a waterfall, sleeping under the stars, new friendships, exploring beautiful trails in the Cape Mountains, naps under trees, and of course - taking it easy.


Day 1: Leave from Cape Town to arrive in the Cederberg by lunch time. Head out into the mountains. It will be summer heat, but beautiful clear streams cool us down and taste even more delicious with the sunshine. Camp at the base of a beautiful kloof.

Day 2: Walking on from our camp in the cool of the morning, we set out along a path with amazing views to find pools to swim in and a shady cave to rest in.

Day 3: This day is your choice to chill and swim in the mountain pools or go for a wander to find some Bushman paintings. We will spend a second night here at our home by the stream.

Day 4: We move on today to discover new places and sleeping over in a cave tonight is a highlight. We climb to a contour path and look out for leopard tracks.

Day 5: Slow meander down the mountain to rock pools, a swim, lunch and load up in the vehicles to head home - rejuvenated.

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