Johannesburg - With only a few weeks to the first arrival of the MSC Opera, on November 20, MSC Cruises has announced its flexible buffet hours, sure to be a firm favourite with South African cruise enthusiasts.

As a firm inspired by Mediterranean values, MSC Cruises knows that good food is about more than just delicious meals, and the company is constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the gastronomic experience on board.

It has recently introduced a more flexible buffet service.

The buffet is open non-stop for 20 hours a day, from 6am until 2am, meaning guests can enjoy more flexible times for traditional main meals, as well as satisfying rumbling stomachs at any time of the day… at no extra charge.

MSC Cruises corporate product manager Andrea Gangale says: “Our Mediterranean way of life teaches the importance of spontaneity. By extending the buffet service, we have introduced a relaxed and flexible approach to dining.”

A full breakfast service is available from 6.30am to 10am, while late risers can enjoy a continental breakfast from 10am to noon.

Lunch can be enjoyed from noon to 3.30pm in the buffet, which also

provides an uninterrupted dinner service from 7pm to 10pm. - Saturday Star