Hello Kitty joins the Mile High Club

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She’s the Japanese cartoon character found on everything from pencil cases and toothbrushes to T-shirts and (believe it or not) vacuum cleaners - now Hello Kitty is reaching new heights: her own fleet of planes.

Taiwanese airline Eva has launched three Kitty-themed planes which feature the Hello Kitty motif not just on the outside, but on everything from the boarding cards to Kitty-shaped check-in counters.

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An Airbus A330-300 aircraft of Taiwan's Eva Airlines is seen with Hello Kitty motifs in Taoyuan International Airport.

Once onboard, passengers will lay their heads on Hello Kitty headrest covers, drink from Hello Kitty cups and enjoy Hello Kitty-inspired meals, including Kitty-shaped pasta and sweets.

No less than 100 items inspired by the bow-wearing white cat feature on the flight - from soap dispensers to aprons worn by the air hostesses.

Amazingly, it’s not the oddest example of Kitty mania - how about the Kitty diamond jewellery, the Hello Kitty spa in Dubai, or the Kitty-themed maternity hospital in Taiwan? - Daily Mail

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