MSC launches new ship and destination for South African travellers

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THERE is good news for MSC travellers. The cruise line company this week revealed that there will be a new destination in Africa, near Mozambique in the 2017/2018 cruise season. Pomene Bay, known as one of the most picturesque sites in Mozambique, is set between the blue Indian Ocean and the waters where the mangroves grow. MSC has punted it as a fishing and snorkelling heaven with pristine beaches. Travellers can also expect a new ship to dock in South Africa next year. The Musica currently sails to Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Croatia. Unlike the Sinfonia, the ship can carry an additional 750 passengers and has 300 extra cabins.

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The Musica will sail to South Africa in the 2018 cruise season.Pomene Bay, known as one of the most picturesque sites in Mozambique, is the new destination.

Internationally, the company will add 11 new ultra modern ships over a period of 10 years. The Maraviglia class and the seaside class will be added this year. The mega Maraviglia is expected to arrive by 2019. Four prototypes are being developed, including the world class ship. It is uncertain whether they will sail to South Africa in the near future.  The Chief Communications Officer for MSC, Luca Biondolillo said that he had seen some of the designs and “it was out of this world”.

Locally, the company has attracted many new South African travellers, with the family market big on ship cruises. South Africa is one of the most popular destinations, said new managing director for MSC, Ross Volk.

"We are constantly trying to make travel better and easier for South Africans. We are confident that travellers will enjoy a new destination and the Musica.

"Our goal is to also expose South Africa to international markets and overseas cruises that we plan," he said.

He admitted that some of the challenges in the South African market were the economic stability of the country and the unabridged birth certificate ruling.

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