Snaps of Anele Mdoda's California holiday

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Judging by her Facebook feed, talk show host Anele Mdoda had a blast on her recent trip to California.

She was on holiday with Trevor Noah, Khaya Dlanga and Sizwe Dhlomo. Her ‘entourage’ visited LA's oldest bowling alley, Highland Park Bowl, explored Universal Studios and Beverly Hills.

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With the boys walking the streets of Santa Monica, California.

The group of friends also enjoyed long strolls in Santa Monica, California. Other posts showed her having lunch, in traffic inside a Tesla and some snaps of her accommodation.

These are some snaps of her holiday:
With her 'entourage' walking the streets of California. 
In Los Angeles posing with her shades. 
Spotted in Beverley Hills enjoying the sun. 
Anele posted a picture of a pool at the place she was staying at. 
Riding in a Tesla. 
Enjoying some time with her male buddies. 
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