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Cape Town - If Brexit had any upside, it’s the fact that the rand isn’t as weak as it was.

The Rand/Pound exchange has dropped below R20 to a more comfortable R18.85/Pound while the dollar has improved from its dark days of R16/Dollar and now hovers around R14.30.

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This is good news for anyone with aspirations of travelling internationally says Sean Hough, CEO of leisure travel specialist, Pentravel, especially when considering the savings that package-holiday providers offer.

“Market volatility always causes skittishness among travellers as they watch the exchange rates like a hawk, especially when we’ve been on a financial rollercoaster for months. Fortunately, leisure travel specialists like ourselves are unaffected by the yo-yoing Rand as rates are set months in advance and travellers pay a set fee and enjoy everything thrown in. They literally can leave their wallets at home.”

Despite the inherent value of a package holiday, Hough says South Africans are still cautious and choosing to play closer to home, either to travel domestically – which offers a welcome boost for local tourism – fly East to the islands of Zanzibar and Mauritius or cruise local shores.

“We’ve experienced a 285 percent spike in sales to Zanzibar and a 23 percent y-o-y increase in local cruise getaways; this is very encouraging despite the unpredictable economy,” he says.

”A travel agent is a master at negotiating best-rates for customers; we help to identify a destination, choose accommodation best suited to their needs – such as if they have a young family or are looking for an active adventure – and manage all travel arrangements from end to end,” says Hough.

Adapted from a press release for IOL

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