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WELLNESS holidays have been picking up steam recently. Many offer different types of activities, ranging from yoga, meditation, detox, spa to spiritual, self-discovery and couple’s retreats.

The owner of Detox International Southern Africa, Wendy Greenway, said wellness retreats were aimed at relaxing and rejuvenating the mind, body and soul.

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Sometimes a well rested break is what the doctor ordered. You can enjoy a break away with a wellness retreat that focusses on the mind, body and soul. Picture: Brookdale Health Hydro.St Francis Health Centre is an alternative health centre with 6 to 21 day packages.

She brought Detox International to South Africa after attending a retreat in Spain nine years ago, and by 2010 had hosted her first retreat.

“There are many people who live fast-paced lives and experience overwhelming amounts of stress. They often treat themselves to a week of quiet time by attending a wellness retreat. Other clients are sufferers of chronic conditions who find relief after a retreat,” she said.

“People go home and make positive changes. They will begin to take better care of their physical and mental health after going on a retreat,” she said.

Places such as a winter Arctic yoga retreat in Swedish Lapland  incorporates broga and doga – yes yoga with dogs! Located deep within the Arctic Circle, near Jokkmokk, such a snow and ice-yoga retreat takes place at the Aurora Safari Camp.

The retreat includes daily yoga classes of Virya Yoga that focuses on biomechanics and strengthening exercises.

If the cold is not your scene, then pound classes are recommended. These are a 30-40 minute session of squats, lunges, twists, jumps, forward bends and stretches, done to drumming with a Ripstix.

Here are some wellness retreats in South Africa

Brookdale Health Hydro


Where: Old Main Road, Nottingham Road, 3280

Contact: 033 266 6208

There is so much to love about Brookdale Health Hydro, which mixes luxury with holistic treatments. Nestled in Nottingham Road in the Midlands, Brookdale is a scenic escape to the countryside. Included in the packages are three meals a day, morning and afternoon snacks, treatments specified for the package, talks on healthy living, daily guided morning walks, aquacise and relaxation classes, yoga and pilates.

The St Francis Health Centre, near Port Alfred

Where: Fords Party Farm, Bathurst, 6166

Contact: 046 625 0927

Established 25 years ago by Annelise Cowley, St Francis Health Centre is an alternative health centre with 6 to 21 day packages. Guests follow a 100 percent vegan detoxification diet aimed at restoring balance to the digestive system and the body.

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