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Cape Town - Luxury accommodation that offers home-like amenities to meet the individual needs of each family, spacious rooms and effective cost-saving options have brought on the cheer of the holiday season.

While other holidaymakers may be feeling the pinch of escalating costs and the trepidation of a once-off hefty bill at the end of their stay, shared vacation owners can smile because their holiday accommodation is already paid for.

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A one-time purchase is made of a furnished resort accommodation at a fraction of the whole ownership cost.

With the expense spread over 52 weeks, the benefit of a pre-paid vacation means more available cash for fun activities and better Christmas presents.

VOASA, the Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa, says that purchasing a shared ownership product is an opportunity to secure a future holiday lifestyle at today's prices and for the period you need.

A one-time purchase is made of a furnished resort accommodation at a fraction of the whole ownership cost. Thereafter, a levy is paid throughout the year to cover the costs of running the resort. The benefit is that these levies are not subject to any profit.

But, it's not just the cost saving that's bringing smiles.

VOASA's premium portfolio of resorts are designed for space and comfort that perfectly creates a distinctive Christmas experience when family and friends gather together in their home-away-from-home.

No more eating pizza in cramped rooms and the frustration of sharing common amenities with other guests. Instead there's a value-added benefit of bigger bedrooms and modern lounges where the Christmas tree and decorations can bring the magic of Christmas to life in your holiday home.

For families with young children, the cook-in option offers greater flexibility and cost saving when compared to the busy atmosphere of restaurants and pricey Christmas menus.

VOASA believes that these are among the essential ingredients that make up a quality family vacation.

Adapted from a press release for IOL

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