Johannesburg - As part of its strategy to extend into the world’s most popular destinations, telecoms provider Orange is now offering services to travellers to popular tourist destinations.

The provider, which entered South Africa early last year, offers exclusive deals for South Africans travelling abroad, which allow them to buy their SIM card and package before they leave.

These packages are available for France, UK, Botswana and the Ivory Coast.

Sébastien Crozier, chief executive of Orange Horizons says, “Being able to secure your communication before leaving on your trip not only reduces the stress of finding an appropriate package, but ensures that you are able to stay connected.

“It is important for travellers to be able to communicate with friends, family and business associates while abroad; however, the high costs associated with roaming call and data services puts a damper on travelling.

Orange offers travellers the option of local rates, avoiding the high roaming costs associated with travelling abroad. We make it even easier by offering these products locally, allowing customers to purchase a SIM card and even top-up vouchers before embarking on their journey.”

The average contract customer in South Africa travelling to the UK will pay anything from R21.50 a minute for calls to SA or any other country and R17.50 a MB of data.

“This means that for 120 minutes of talk time, and 1GB of data, the average consumer on a contract would be paying R2 538 for calls and R17 500 for data, totalling R20 038.”


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