London - They’re hardly the most flattering things to wear at the airport check-in desk.

But if you don’t mind a few smirks and puzzled looks from other travellers, these outfits could save you money.

In fact, their designers say they could save frequent flyers thousands of pounds. Engineer John Power invented the “wearable luggage” to beat the baggage charges levied by budget airlines.

A £56 (about R700) coat, made of light but strong polyester, has 14 variously-sized pockets which can hold a total of 15kg of luggage. After boarding, the Jaktogo can be folded up and carried as a shoulder bag. It also comes in a dress version.

Irishman Mr Power, 57, who lives near Antwerp in Belgium, said he travels twice a week using budget airlines. Though their advertised ticket prices are often low, most airlines charge extra for hold luggage.

This summer Ryanair charged up to £60 per 15kg piece of checked luggage if paid in advance – and up to £240 at the airport. Weight limits are strictly enforced and breaking them incurs further charges.

However, budget carriers allow passengers to take one piece of hand luggage on board for free. They also allow jackets or coats – so Mr Power’s invention allows travellers to by-pass the charges altogether.

Mr Power said: “I do get some funny looks at the airport but I usually sell about ten after every trip.” The Jaktogo is available online. - Daily Mail