‘Hungry’ singer’s fun travels

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Singer ChianoSky Kruger, 19, is one of South Africa’s most exciting new discoveries.

Her mix of seductive jazzy pop has seen her racing up the airplay lists in the country.

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SEDUCTIVE: Singer ChianoSky Kruger.YUMMY TREAT: The singers favourite meal abroad was fish and chips at a pub in London.The Tube slips below ground when things start getting interesting.

She has just released her debut album, Hungry.

She shares some of her travel experiences.

How widely have you travelled?

I have been to London. And, I do a lot of travelling around SA.

Where was your favourite holiday or time spent abroad?

My best trip was to London to record with producer Pete “Boxsta” Martin; I was exposed to such talents and professionalism abroad. I also enjoyed the architecture and the atmosphere.

Your worst experience on a holiday?

I haven’t had one yet. London was just an amazing experience.

Your funniest experience?

I was sightseeing and basically not paying attention. I got stuck and hit by the Tube doors in London. It was quite embarrassing.

What do you avoid during a holiday?

I try to do as much as possible in my spare time away from the studio. I think if you are lucky enough to travel, you should try to make the most of it.

Best meal abroad?

Fish and chips at a pub in London.

Your favourite place for a sundowner?

The Grand Café in Cape Town.

What have you learnt from your travels?

I’m still learning how to pack light.

Ideal travelling companion?

My lover.

Culture vulture or adrenalin junkie?

Adrenalin junkie. I love challenges and adventure.

Holiday reading?

I’m more likely to work on unfinished songs on my laptop.

Favourite drive?

The drive to Plettenburg Bay; it’s a long, refreshing drive along the coast. It’s so beautiful.

Dream trip?

A trip to India or New York.

Can you share some travelling tips?

Always make sure your bag is locked and secure no matter where you’re off to.

What do you always take with you on your travels?

I always take my iPod; it passes the time and blocks out any noise around you in the plane.

Where next?

Hopefully, London again and Europe, exposing my music to the international market. - Weekend Argus

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