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I am fortunate enough to be an ex South African now with a Canadian Passport. The pleasure of the Canadian Passport is you get into most countries without applying in advance for a visa (including US, UK, Europe, SA even CUBA) and nearly always without a fee. Though I did recently have to apply and pay for a Business Visa on trip to South America ($80). But given Canadians get this great treatment elsewhere by other countries shouldn't Canada be fair and also treat other countries citizens the same. Also nobody wants to pay CAD$100 (R1040) for a visa and have to go to Pretoria at least twice to drop and pickup your documents. Getting to Pretoria can be a pain. What if you live in Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein etc. and I would hate the idea of posting or couriering the documents in SA with all the theft and identity theft going on. Unfortunately I think the US dictates some of the rules and security checks in place that Canada applies. All to protect the common boarder between the two countries. I am real glad to hear that the author found the Canadian embassy was a pleasure to deal with though. Once he had collected all the required documents, paid the fee and got to Pretoria. What started out as a winge article really was quite complimentary towards Canada at the end.
Saturday, February 11, 2012

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