Tourist tips: How to avoid World Cup crime

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Rio de Janeiro - Some tips from foreign embassies, Brazilian police and Rio de Janeiro residents on how to avoid becoming a victim of muggings and assaults during the World Cup in Brazil:

* Be aware of your surroundings and what area you are in. The US State Department notes on its website that “public transportation hubs, hotel sectors, and tourist areas are the locations with the highest crime rates.”

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A man walks next to a mural against the World Cup painted on a wall in Rio de Janeiro.

* Avoid wearing flashy jewellry - or any at all.

* Take special care when using a smartphone in public. Avoid using it on public transportation. If you need to make or take a call, step off the street and into a store.

* Violent protests have roiled Rio, Sao Paulo and other cities in the past year. Be aware of any planned protests and avoid them.

* If you are mugged - don't react, just hand over your belongings. Criminals often kill targets that resist muggings.

* Report crimes to the nearest police precinct. - Sapa-AP

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