Cupid at work while on holiday

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Kimberley Naidoo and Christopher Dale Jackson tied the knot in a barn on Rock Hill Farm in Culpeper, Virginia, recently .Kimberley Naidoo and Christopher Dale Jackson met and fell in love when Naidoo was  holidaying in the US. The pair tied the knot in a barn on Rock Hill Farm in Culpeper, Virginia, recently .
There is an African saying that goes: “If you don’t travel, you will marry your own sister.”  When Durban-born Kimberley Naidoo, travelled to the US on holiday four years ago, the last thing she would have imagined was falling  in love with an American. She met Christopher Dale Jackson through a friend. 
It was barely days after the pair met that she had to go back home to South Africa. But Chris did not want to let Kimberley go, and the two started a long-distance relationship that has now spanned four years. 
They got married last weekend on a Virginia farm.  Despite being continents apart, the couple promised each other they would not get complacent. 
They kept their spark alight by keeping in touch via social media and sent each other multiple handwritten letters.  They even flew thousands of kilometres and practically became tour guides to each other in their respective countries. 
“At first it was hard but you learn to adapt to it. It is about sacrifices.I would try to take my breaks around the time I knew he was just waking up. 
“There were days when we spoke all day and others when it was just an hour,” said Naidoo. 
They pondered on the location of the wedding, having to chose between Durban and Virginia, but they settled for the latter.
“Virginia is such a beautiful and historic place and it really captures the beauty of the countryside,” she said. 
The pair, who are  planning on opening a South African meets American restaurant soon, had a flag from each country at the wedding with the cuisine encompassing South African elements.
Something to bear in mind: some travel  romances blossom and end in marriage. However, others don’t go beyond being just naughty flings.
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