Sars boss Tom Moyane. File Image

JOHANNESBURG - Following the press briefing held by South Africa revenue service boss Tom Moyane, in response to KPMG, we compiled the 7 most important things said during the briefing. 

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Read the 7 things you need to know from the press briefing below: 

1. SA Revenue Services (SARS) commissioner Tom Moyane said former Sars employees were disciplined based on the Sikhakhane commission’s report and not based on KPMG report on the alleged “spy unit” at SARS.

2. Tom Moyane stated that SARS will be pursuing legal action against KPMG. 

3. Moyane stated that some former employees of SARS admitted their alleged involvement in the spy unit. 

4. SARS is planning  to take action against KPMG such as a civil claim, reporting KPMG to statutory bodies in South Africa as well as internationally, and reporting the firm to Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba with the aim of blacklisting the company.

5. Moyane will be urging the Finance Minister to ensure that KPMG does not work with any other departments. 

6. SARS say that they will be assessing the work KPMG has done for them from the past 10 years and report the firm to Parliament. 

7. The Commissioner said that SARS was taken aback by KPMG's actions. 

Click here to read the full statement released by SARS.

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