Image: How a Blind Person uses Google Glass and AIRA Technology to Explore (YOUTUBE)

CALIFORNIA - Using augmented reality, this app uses Google Glass technology to aid a blind or low vision person experience life differently. 

Using the Aira mobile app or wearable technology with just one tap of a button or a voice command, Aira connects users with a trained, professional agent who can offer immediate assistance with virtually any task anytime, anywhere. 

This is accomplished via smart glasses fitted with a tiny camera and paired with an app on the blind person's smartphone and an augmented-reality dashboard. 

How it works: 

1.Call an agent with one tap in the app, using your Aira glasses or mobile device.

2.A certified, friendly agent will pick up right away.

3.You’ll receive real-time assistance with the task or adventure at hand.

Aira is sold as a monthly subscription service.