Image supplied: Amarula elephant removed from the logo as part of raising awareness against ivory poaching

CAPE TOWN - Amarula has removed the elephant in their logo as part of raising awareness against ivory trade and saving the vulnerable African elephant from exctinction.

There are around 400 000 African elephants living in the wild, according to the latest wild life census information.

Amarula Global Branding Development Manager, Saramien Dekker says, “Removing the elephant from our logo - signifies our commitment to the fight against ivory poaching and saving the African elephant from extinction. If we don’t raise awareness to stop the ivory trade, elephants will disappear - just like the one on our label”. 

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Removal of the elephant from the Amarula's logo forms part of the #DontLetThemDisappear campaign, an initiative by Amarula Trust in conjunction with Wildlife Direct, which seeks to call for a halt in ivory poaching.

Principal leader for the campaign, is the reputable expert in the field of elephant conversation and the CEO of Wildlife Direct, Dr. Paula Kahumbu. She said, at the end of 2016, they had all the reasons to celebrate when China joined other countries and announced that it will ban legal trade in ivory by the end of 2017. 

She further marks that Chinese ban has resulted in reduction in the price of both legal and illegal ivory markets across Southeast Asia. It is believed that Amarula will release a webisode on YouTube, to show the reality of poaching and the “behind the scenes” story of how ivory gets to consumers.