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CAPE TOWN -  When the holidays come along, it brings family and friends together and that usually results into a party. So instead of wasting money on a batender, you can learn how to create drinks by yourself. 

Here are a list of drin mixing apps:

1. Mixology drink and cocktail recipe 

The app’s database features more than 8,000 cocktail recipes and you can find a drink by category or name, or by what liquors and mixers you have in your cabinet. Additionally, it features bartender techniques and tips on offer and where to find the closest bars and liquor store should you need to do some quick shopping.  On the paid version of the app, there are no ads and lets you save your own recipes to the app.

2. BarNotes 

Designed for compiling and broadcasting original recipes, it functions as a shared resource to allow you to see what others are coming up with. Within the interface, you’re able to create a shareable recipe card on which to add ingredients, measurements and an image.  For the at-home enthusiast looking to start a library of drinks or the professional trying to keep up with an ever-changing menu, it’s the perfect digital notepad. 

3.Perfect drink: interactive cocktail recipe app

Mixing the right proportion of the different ingredients can be a little tricky when starting out. By using the Perfect Drink scale, it will display each ingredient in your drink in real-time and tell you exactly when to stop pouring. If you accidentally added an extra portion, the app will tell you how to adjust the recipe. The app also gives you suggestions on what to make based on ingredients in your cabinet.  It also puts together a shopping list of items you need for specific drinks you want to make but don’t have.

The app also has a great collection of recipes with new ones added frequently. All recipes are created and tested by experts. The app is customise-able allowing you to enter your own recipes, add description and notes, add photos and more. 

4.  Bartenders Choice

Bartender Sam Ross of the New York bar Milk and Honey is the inspiration behind this app. You can sift through hundreds of recipes by spirit, style of drink, or sensation. 

Extra credits for the cool tips on much needed topics like ice, garnish, syrups, shaking & stirring. Perfect for not only sharpening your bar tending skills but even works great for the home bartender.