AYO will be listed in the ‘Computer Services’ sector of the main board of the JSE on Thursday. Photo: Simphiwe Mbokazi/African News Agency (ANA)

JOHANNESBURG - The Black Business Council want to congratulate the information and communication technology (ICT) group, Ayo Technology Solutions Limited (“AYO”) on the JSE listing.

Black people have finally shown that they can become their own bosses and can now call all the shot and use black professionals for professional services” said George Sebulela, Secretary General of the BBC.  “The BBC wishes them success in their listing.”

“The use of professionals like the Tshisevhe Gwina Ratshimbilani Incorporated (TGR Attorneys) is a milestone and definitely the first since the dawn of our democracy.  “This is radical economic transformation at its best.”  Said Sebulela

According to Peter Tshisevhe, “TGR Attorneys are a truly empowered and strong law firm, which is shaping the BEE landscape through its collection of diverse highly-specialised skills that are rare for Black law firms in South Africa.”

According to Salim Young, the Chairman of Ayo, “once listed Ayo is set to be the largest BEE ICT Company in South Africa, which will also enable the company to increase its footprint across the rest of Africa and beyond.”