Alexandre Gorelik sits second on the panel from the left. Supplied

CAPE TOWN - Deputy Director of BRICS TV, Alexandre Gorelik laid down the foundation for #BRICS TV at the ongoing #BRICSMEDIA Forum. 

The event is in its second day in Cape Town and looks at fostering shared growth and development among BRICS nations

A main pillar of BRICS TV will be cutting edge content, said Gorelik. 

The director also said that BRICS TV will be a joint multimedia platform incorporating the latest news and cutting edge Information Communication and Technologies (ICT). 

"It is the hopes of BRICS nations that BRICS TV will be a shared library of social, geographical and educational content. 

"Information, experience and technology exchanges among like-minded media outlets is what BRICS TV hopes to bring to the globe," said Gorelik.

"It is the ultimate aim that BRICS TV may be a communications change agent and hopes to promote reliable information."

Cooperation was the main factor that was highlighted by the Russian director. 

BRICS TV will showcase shared content among all nations. 

There will be a synergy of ideas and concepts, Gorelik concluded.