Mukund Padmanabhan ,the Editor of the Hindu
Mukund Padmanabhan ,the Editor of the Hindu
Mukund Padmanabhan ,the Editor of the Hindu
Mukund Padmanabhan ,the Editor of the Hindu
CAPE TOWN - Mukund Padmanabhan , the editor of The Hindu told delegates at the  #BRICSMEDIA Forum that journalists need to be more responsible, especially in BRICS states.   

Padmanabhan asked delegates how the influx of rapid digital journalism has  impacted the way we push out better media. 

The Hindu editor said that accuracy has suffered. The need for speed and to be first in this space has caused accuracy and good journalism to take the back seat. 

It is his hopes that BRICS nations will look at this challenge and ensure that effective journalism and good media continues to grow. 

What was also important for Padmanabhan was to swing the pendulum of representation and power. The capital of media should no longer be Washington and London but rather Cape Town, Moscow, Brasília, Beijing and Mumbai. 

Padmanabhan was not afraid to recognise the very real fact that revenue has slumped across all media outlets and trying to keep jobs and grow media houses is a continuous challenge. 

He can see how click-baiting can be seen as a driver of this need to be first and get readers but "we as BRICS nations should not leave accuracy and good journalism on the back burner." 

The impact of social media was also tackled by the editor and news veteran. 

He said that social media can be a great way to get news immediately and to impact change but it can also influence people, polarise their perception and create divisiveness. 

We have seen how social algorithms have been used to deceive and change the minds of people and just push out false or fake noise, Padmanabhan said. 

Padmanabhan called on the BRICS nations to ensure that they don't proliferate "the noise and fake news, but use social media responsibly.