Mr VJ Chandrasekar from Indo-Asian News. Picture: IOL

Cape Town - The third speaker on the second day of the BRICS Media Forum in Cape Town on the Foreshore was Mr VJ Chandrasekar, from Indo-Asian News, who has 40 years of experience as a journalist and is regarded as an "inspiration to the journalism students present here today".

He gave his input on "Imagining a shared global future forged by constructive and development journalism: seeking ways to enhance co-operation among the new media in BRICS countries".

While not ignoring the differences, Chandrasekar stressed the need for "strong co-operation among the media of all five the BRICS countries" if they were going to influence development and the world economic order.

Chandrasekar said while he is an old-school journalist grappling with challenges in the new media environment, "what remains common is the factual content". 

Within this commonality between the traditional and new media, as long as the content is factual, it is immaterial how you report it, he said.  

But he did stress near the end of his speech that the major challenge all news organisations face is the proliferation of fake news, and he called for nothing less than a "no holds barred approach" on all social media platforms to tackle this increasing headache, which calls for a proper and in-depth discussion.

He ended his speech by expressing concern regarding certain projects that "violate another country's sovereignty". He believes there is a need for media analysis and discourse on such projects and for different countries to approach the poser with goodwill and acceptance of the need for co-operation among all.