27/07/2018 President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa is seen closing the 10th BRICS SUMMIT that started on the 25-27 of July 2018 held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Sandton, Johannesburg. Pictures: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency/ANA
JOHANNESBURG - The 10th annual BRICS Summit drew to a close on Friday afternoon with President Cyril Ramaphosa delivering a media briefing to conclude the Summit officially. 

Ramaphosa hailed the summit as a successful one, saying that many countries were able to network with each other. Ramaphosa said, "Various counties were able to network here at the summit, this is something that we BRICS nations support and promote."

Ramaphosa added that the BRICS countries are determined to work together to be the leading edge at the fourth industrial revolution. 

"BRICS is alive with a lot of innovative ideas. We are not just a talk shop, you are able to see the action taken. We should seek to promote the interests of people who live in the BRICS nations. "

Ramaphosa also reaffirmed that South Africa is not ready for any nuclear deals yet. 

He said, "Our policy is to have a mixed energy policy. We will have hydro-power, fossil fuels, and renewable energy. Right now, our economy is not operating at a level that we would like to and we will not be able to proceed with nuclear plans. As our economy grows, we will be able to address the situation at a later stage and the Russian President,  Vladimir Putin was relaxed about our answer about nuclear energy and he said that we should deal with our current issues."