Photo: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

JOHANNESBURG - Speaking at a Future South Africa rally in the Joburg city hall ahead of the Motion of No-Confidence vote in Zuma, Mohale said it was time for corporate South Africa to get involved in the socio-economic matters of the country.

“Business must get involved and demand leadership that leads with credibility. 

We cannot be led by people who do not even understand deficit, only for them to say they will pick up the rand when it falls,” Mohale said. 

“MPs must also remember that they serve the people. We implore 400 MPs to think deeply. They must accept that they have squandered an opportunity that Madiba afforded them.” Mohale said business was committed to demonstrating through deeds that transformation was possible in South Africa because society was now more fractured and racist than ever. He thanked the judiciary for its role leading to the secret vote and making a ruling without overreaching, and also thanked National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete for putting South Africa first and not “narrow interests”. 

David Lewis from Corruption Watch said activism for positive change must be an ongoing process. The Future SA rally, like the countrywide marches, was attended by civil society and labour groups including Corruption Watch, Africa Rising, the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, Fedusa, Saftu as well as Banking Association of South Africa MD Cas Coovadia, and former Robben Islander and MK platoon commander Laloo Chiba.