Image: Cabbi coming soon (Facebook)

JOHANNESBURG- Cabbi e-hailing taxi services will be available in Johannesburg from the 1st of September 2017 and launched to the rest of Gauteng by the 1st December 2017.The App will be available for Andriod and IOS. 

Cabbi connects riders with drivers with the tap of a button. The Cabbi platform chauffeurs Johannesburg commuters by using a safe, 100% local, transport solution ready to serve the South African market.  Cabbi is set to be available 24/7 and aim to provide luxury travel at reasonable prices.
If you're interested in becoming a driver for Cabbi, They promise tp provide you with 90% earnings while Cabbi receives only 10% commission of each ride. If you own a reliable vehicle, not older than a 2013 model and have a valid driver’s license, together with a public driving permit (PDP) register on their website to become a driver.

The App works simliar to any other app:

1. Tap to set your pickup location and time.

2. A driver comes directly to you. Payment is automatic via credit card and no tipping is required.

3.Give your driver a star rating to help maintain the highest quality experience on every ride.