CAPE TOWN – CapaCiTi, the Cape Innovation & Technology Initiative ( CiTi )’s Tech Career Accelerator announced that 340 young South Africans have completed their technical training and received their certificates and are now ready to be placed within tech internships in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The organisation’s aim is to support both youth and business in the hubs of Johannesburg and Cape Town and is inviting SA business to interview these ambitious future tech professionals for an internship.

With SA’s youth unemployment skyrocketing, CapaCiTi seeks to leverage growth opportunities in the tech sector by providing key technology skills. Indeed, CapaCiTi’s programmes are essentially accelerated career pathways for previously unemployed youth. 

Key to the initiative’s success, however, is the commitment by SA businesses to create internship opportunities for youth. 

Such opportunities are urgently required in order for young professionals to apply and grow their technical skills and confidence in the workplace. In turn, organisations are able to access temporary tech support for their teams and projects, which is particularly valuable at the
start of a year.

Fiona Tabraham, Acting Head of Skills Development, CiTi said in a statement: "This year, CapaCiTi is proud to have equipped several hundred SA youth with the relevant training and coaching they need to accelerate their careers into the tech sector. We’re calling on South African businesses to support our future talent on the next six months of their journey, helping them to apply and build their skills and confidence and contribute to the digital economy."

"They’re ambitious, tenacious, and will add huge value to your teams as you kick off 2019. These young people are the future of South Africa’s tech sector, let’s all join together to help them start their journey towards a successful career that will be life-changing.”

CapaCiTi’s programmes run from 9 to 12 months and are designed for matrics and graduates that are looking to start a career in IT.

To register your company’s interest in interviewing CapaCiTi interns or grads, visit