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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Job advice: here are 8 of TikTok's best – and most questionable – nuggets

TikTok has loads of job advice, but which you choose to take is up to you. Picture: Pixabay

TikTok has loads of job advice, but which you choose to take is up to you. Picture: Pixabay

Published May 20, 2022


TikTok has more than one billion users, and on it, armchair experts can dispense valuable advice when it comes to anything plaguing today's youth. But, what about job advice?

Here are eight of TikTok’s best, and most hilarious, pieces of advice when it comes to jobs:

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1. Apply even if you don’t qualify

If you fall short on application criteria, do not let that stop you from applying. There are plenty of stories on social media about individuals who went for jobs they were not entirely qualified for but got them anyway.

@data_storyteller Don’t have 100% of the qualifications? Apply anyway. #womeninstem #womenintech #careerwoman ♬ original sound - Data Storyteller

2. Your 20s are for learning

This user says she learned from her mentor, a billionaire, that your 20s are for learning, exploration, and growth, without any pressure. Is this advice relevant in such uncertain times?

@icuwatchen Career Advice for your 20’s, 30’s & 40’s. #careeradvice #blackgirltiktok #careerstrategy #leadershipdevelopment ♬ Still Don't Know My Name - Labrinth

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3. Professionalism is all about having a positive attitude

It turns out that professionalism is not at all hard to pull off; you just need positive vibes.

@erinmcgoff when you distill it down, this is all “professionalism” really is 🤗 #careertiktok #careeradvice #jobinterview #interviewtips #resume #college ♬ Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse

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4. 21, 22, and 23-year-olds, don’t try

This advice seems more suitable to wealthy recent graduates, perhaps.

@evancarmichael The most honest advice for 20 year-olds @mcuban #careeradvice #knowledge ♬ original sound - Evan Carmichael

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5. Stop apologising at work

According to this user, apologising at work will make you seem more confident.

@carlieallisonspen STOP 👏![CDATA[]]>🏼 apologizing 👏![CDATA[]]>🏼 at 👏![CDATA[]]>🏼 work! #NeedToKnow #fyp #careeradvice #workadvice #careeradvice #jobtips #foryoupage #edutok #learnontiktok ♬ Sorry Not Sorry - Demi Lovato

6. Getting hired on the spot might be dodgy

When your interviewer stops the interview, and offers you the job on the spot, something may be up. Despite your qualifications and talent, some companies/organisations just want someone to hire.

@annabellegesson follow for more tips!!!💸![CDATA[]]>🤑 insta- annabellegesson #advicewithanna ♬ original sound - Annabelle

7. Be early on the first day of your new job

The early bird gets the worm. Give yourself time to scope out the place to familiarise yourself with it.

@careerwithboris Perfect first day #careerwithboris #careeradvice #job ♬ Stories 2 - Danilo Stankovic

8. Ask this question at an interview

When the interviewer turns and asks this if you have any question, this is what you should ask, according to this TikToker:

@careervidz The Number One Question to Ask in a Job Interview #interviewquestions #interviewtips #CareerVidz #RichardMcMunn #jobinterview #career #careeradvice ♬ original sound - CareerVidz