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Saturday, August 20, 2022

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Jobs, jobs, jobs: The 5 highest paying jobs in Humanities

A lawyer or attorney gets paid one of the highest salaries in the humanities. Picture: File

A lawyer or attorney gets paid one of the highest salaries in the humanities. Picture: File

Published Jun 9, 2022


The humanities field - the study and research of the social sciences, arts, human and community development, education, and more - are often overlooked and underestimated.

However, the humanities are integral to our understanding of the values that shape our society, cultures, and informs us of our history.

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And, contrary to popular belief, some specific careers in these fields pay very well.

Here are the five best paying careers in the humanities according to

Business development manager

These professionals help organisations grow financially, review market trends, and propose business ideas that can generate profit.

They work closely with business executives, along with sales and marketing professionals.

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The average salary for a business development manager is R425 046 per year, with R838 000 as the highest estimate.


An economist studies and evaluates economic trends and issues. They also analyse data from the production and distribution of resources, goods, and services.

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On average, an economist earns R322 308, with the highest being R644 000.

Political scientist

A political scientist analyses every facet of political behaviour, including the development, operations, and interrelationships of political institutions.

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This professional then uses this to formulate and develop political theory.

The average salary for a political scientist is R327 785, with R900 000 the highest.


A lawyer provides legal advice and counsel to clients. They are responsible for researching, gathering information or evidence in court cases and defending their clients in cases.

The average salary for an attorney/lawyer is R238 660 with a high of R622 000.

Construction project manager

A construction project manager maintaines relationships with key stakeholders; creates goals for success of the project; manages the budget; and plans work assignments that meet deadlines.

The average pay for a construction project manager is R380 910, and R844 000 on the higher end.


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