Becoming a doctor could guarantee South African youth economic empowerment. Photo: File
DURBAN - With South Africa's high youth unemployment rate, young people are being held back from the freedoms that come with financial security.

Gary Epstein, the Managing Director at EasyBIz Quickbooks has listed five careers that young people should consider if they want to achieve economic freedom.

According to Epstein, the development of skills that are needed in the marketplace like trades specialisations like engineering and medicine should be the main priority.

Epstein said that "these are the careers that are currently high in demand and it is up to the youth to identify which of these career paths they have the acumen for and then put in the hard work to enter one of them".

Here are the 5 careers that South Africa's youth should consider:

1. Finance or Accounting Manager

All businesses have financial departments, and so, the demand for these skills is ongoing. According to the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), South Africa needs an additional 22 000 certified accountants to close the current demand gap.

In South Africa, the average pay for a Financial Manager is R483 886 per year, according to PayScale while an Accounting Manager gets paid an average salary of R247 329 per year.

2. Doctor

To meet the requirements of a population that is growing, the country's public and private healthcare sectors constantly in need of trained doctors.

PayScale shows that a doctor earns on an average of R472 052 annually.

3. Analytics Professional

With a growing reliance on technology, businesses gather, store and analyse huge amounts of data on a daily basis. The progress in computing and automation have resulted in the high demand for analytics professionals.

A data analyst can earn an average of R240,531 per year.

4. Engineer

Although South Africa produces a lot of engineers very few of them choose to stay in the country. With many engineers moving overseas the need for engineers in the national marketplace opens up.

Mechanical engineers get paid an average salary of R347 219 per year according to PayScale.

5. Artisan

Artisans, such as mechanics, have been in high demand in the country for quite some time now. Jessie Duarte, the Deputy Secretary General of the ANC noticed that there was a shortfall of 40 000 qualified artisans in South Africa.

Artisans get paid around R296 per hour according to Indeed.