Last Wednesday, around 200 flight attendants were gathered outside the SAA head office in Kempton Park in protest against low international meal allowances.

Johannesburg – The South African Cabin Crew Association (SACCA) will be in court to ask the court to allow it to continue striking this week.

This follows last week’s strike by crew over international meal allowances, which saw several flights delayed of cancelled because flight cannot legally be in the air without crew.

SACCA wants daily meal allowances raised from $131 a day to $170.

The strike came to an end last Wednesday when SAA successfully applied for a court interdict at the Labour Court, which declared the industrial action unprotected strike action.

The court ordered that the strike action should end immediately.

This allowed SAA to substantially recover its operations.

Last Thursday, SAA said, since the court order was granted, it has seen a significant increase in several cabin crew members reporting for duty, which enabled the airline to operate all its scheduled flights for today.

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A total of 50 flights were cancelled for the entire day on Wednesday. The biggest impact was on the domestic segment of the route network and SAA cancelled only one outbound international flight.

At the time, the airline said its board was committed to further engaging with SACCA through a facilitated dispute resolution process over the next two months.

SACCA, which was not immediately available on Wednesday, has said it is open to negotiations.