EPA African News Agency (ANA)
JOHANNESBURG -  If you can sell ice to an Eskimo, you won't find yourself unemployed for long, according to Gumtree Marketing Manager Estelle Nagel. 

Sales and telemarketing jobs are the most in-demand positions in South Africa, followed by Construction work, Accounting and Financial jobs and Logistics and Transport jobs.

"Employers are always looking for skilled workers in these fields – sales executives being the most in-demand across provinces, while there are more Construction vacancies in Gauteng than any other province."

The most frequently advertised vacancies are:
  • Sales and Marketing (13%)
  • Construction and Skilled Trade (6.8%)
  • Accounting and Finance (5%)
  • Restaurant and Bar work (5%)
  • Retail work (5%)
  • Logistics and transport (4.7%)
  • Health & Beauty (4.1%)
  • Computing (4.1%)
  • Clerical and admin (3.9%)
  • Teaching (3.7%)
However, competition for these roles remain stiff. There are ten times as many applicants looking for work as there are vacancies available. 

60% of frequently advertised jobs are Full-Time, 12% are Contract positions and 8.5% are Part-Time, but most require at least some form of qualification and/or experience. Only 0.35% of advertised positions are suitable for matriculants or recent graduates. 

"The job market is extremely tough and competitive, which is why anyone seeking to start a career should put their best foot forward. Compile a professional CV and have a hard copy and a digital version on hand. If you need experience, volunteer where possible. Employers can make a selection from thousands of candidates – make sure that you stand out," says Nagel.