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DURBAN - The Department of Education and Training has released a list of nine in-demand jobs that pay R1 million annually.

The list features more than 370 occupations that are a split up into three categories of demand including, highest demand, higher demand and high demand.

Occupations that can be found on the list are not specific to any sector. Some of the jobs featured on the list include dental hygienist, software developer and seismologist.

Due to some of the jobs that were featured on the list being highly specialised it is no surprise that occupation should get the proper remuneration.

Below is a table with 9 occupations that are in high demand and what each occupations average and maximum salary is:

Job title Average annual salary Maximum recorded salary
Chief Information Officer R1 057 3477 R1 529 272
Chief Financial Officer R1 001 578 R1 730 489
Senior Engineering Manager R976 559 R1 741 940
Sales and Marketing Director R829 874 R1 366 741
Senior Process Engineer R771 599 R1 029 247
Application Development Manager R762 295 R1 100 000
Senior Project Manager (IT) R736 376 R1 047 271
Corporate Services Manager R733 500 R1 000 000
Senior Contracts Manager R636 000 R1 231 588

Salary increases South Africans can expect

Financial services company PWC have released their HR Report for June 2018. The report gives an analysis about local and international developments in people and rewards.

Salary movements and how much South Africans can expect their salaries to increase was one of the main focuses of the report. According to the report, remuneration is the biggest part of any organisation's expenditure.

The report also showed that 12% of the respondents in the survey got an increase of less than 5%.