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CAPE TOWN - Finding a job could always be easier if you know what recruiters are actually looking for. You will be surprised to know what stands out for recruiters. 

According to recruitment agency, Key Recruitment, there are imperative things that stands out for a recruiter. If your CV lists well-known companies, a timeline that makes chronological sense and a candidate with potential and initiative, recruiters will most likely take a second glance. 


Well-known brands hold weight in the world of work, says Key Recruitment. This may lead an employer to investigate a bit more about you. 

The format and timeline of your CV is crucial. It shows an employer that you are a logical thinker. How to best position your CV is to list your most recent occupation and work backwards. 

Employment duration

Certain people are hesitant about submitting a CV which shows that they did not stay at a company for a long duration. This should not be a concern, says Key Recruitment. 

Most times, this shows initiative and potential. A candidate who seeks career growth can be seen as a candidate with potential. 

Common mistakes

The common mistakes that candidates make is displaying information in reverse order. This is seen as confusing for the employer. 

Spelling and grammatical errors are also considered a put off, says Key Recruitment. This is because spelling and grammar forms part of any basic job. Employees should be able to communicate effectively and coherently. 

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Outline duties

Some candidates take it for granted and fail to outline the duties they had at their former occupation. Key Recruitment says that it is important to outline your duties. This makes the employer aware of your abilities. 


A reference acts as a testament for a candidate. Therefore, if an employer is not able to get a hold of a reference, this can be seen as unprofessional. 

Lengthy CV

A lengthy CV is expected from a job seeker who has extensive experience. However, Key Recruitment says that a CV should be a maximum of 5 pages. A two-page CV is also fine, says Key Recruitment as certain employers prefer the main facts about yourself. 

When is using a video CV a good idea

Key Recruitment says that although formal, written CVs are the norm, there are other forms of CV too. One such kind is a video CV. 

A video CV is best-suited for any role, says Key Recruitment. 

This sets you apart from other candidates and also show initiative and creativity. 


Key Recruitment says that job seekers can be successful in landing a job. All it takes is following simple steps and avoiding common errors. Also, job seekers should bear in mind that there are several other candidates that will be applying for the same position. Therefore, it is important to position yourself as different, stand out from the crowd and put in that extra bit of effort. 

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