CAPE TOWN – Day 3 of the Africa Oil Week Summit started today and according to a BP statistical review, Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil producer with a daily production output of 2 million barrels.

It was also shown that South Africa is the 10th largest oil producer in Africa with a daily output of 160 000 barrels.

In a panel discussion, talking about transformative projects in Africa, demonsating how to structure mega projects in a +$70 million market, Oil producer Total was present to discuss their Eniga project, which is seen as one of the most ambitious ultra-deep projects in Africa that is happening in Nigeria. 

Nicolas Terraz, Country Chair, Total Nigeria and Managing Director Total E&P Nigeria said: "Africa is a key continent for Total. It accounts for one quarter of our upstream production and one third of our upstream capital expenditure.”

"We see potential for gas to develop in Africa, both for domestic and export. It is important for us as we develop our low carbon business. With Moho Nord in Congo, 2 FPSOs in Angola and upcoming Egina start up in Nigeria, we’ll increase our overall operated production by 600k bpd. So we stay committed to investing in #Africa, even at the bottom of the cycle.”