FILE PHOTO: Pit head is seen at the Tumela Mine, an Anglo American Platinum open pit mine, in Thabazimbi

JOHANNESBURG - Anglo American Platinum said on Wednesday it had made an investment with Shell Technology Ventures in High-Yield Energy Technologies (HyET), a Dutch company that has developed electrochemical hydrogen compression to support the adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles.

 “This investment in HyET boosts demand for our metals while simultaneously taking advantage of the accelerating roll-out of HRS and the adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs)," said Andrew Hinkly, CEO of Anglo American Platinum’s PGM Investment Programme.

HyET stimulates demand for platinum directly through use in its products, and indirectly through supporting the adoption of FCEVs which require platinum-based catalysts. 

Its electrochemical hydrogen compression technology is expected to play a major role in realising a sustainable hydrogen economy.

Highly compressed hydrogen can store a large amount of energy, much more than conventional batteries.

- African News Agency (ANA)