File image: ANN7 boss, Jimmy Manyi. (IOL).

CAPE TOWN - Media company, Vila Kasi Holdings is accusing ANN7 executive Mzwanele (Jimmy) Manyi of mistreating employees who want to exit the embattled news channel and join Vila Kasi Holdings. 

According to a spokesperson for Vila Kasi Holdings, Nicolas Manyike, Manyi has reportedly been ill-treating his employees after discovering that they want to join Vila Kasi Holdings. 

ANN7 employees have reportedly been attending job interviews at Vila Kasi which is set to go on air in August this year. 

This is a personal right for employees to secure their future and seek employment, said Manyike to Business Report.

He added that the future of ANN7 remains uncertain, following MultiChoice’s decision to end ANN7’s contract which is set to come to an end in August. 

This comes after media giant, Naspers announced in January that it will not be renewing its contract with ANN7, citing the channels previous ownership under the Guptas and accusations of the news channel unduly influencing government.

MultiChoice, the biggest pay-TV provider in Africa, said an investigation found the company had not done proper due diligence on ANN7 but there was no corruption in its contract.

The investigation followed a report by South African media about payments made by Multichoice to ANN7.

This decision has left ANN7 employees with a grim outlook and essentially lack of job security. Hence, they sought out employment at Vila Kasi Holdings. However, in doing so, they were reportedly victimised. 

“We have a reliable source and proof on record that Manyi has been ill-treating and threatening staff, telling them when their last day of employment is after they handed in their resignation”, said Manyike. 

“There are certain regulations to follow and every employee has a right to seek employment and secure their future”. 

“We are not captured, we are a new media house and everyone who has the correct qualifications has a right to come to us”, added Manyike. 

Thus far, Vila Kasi Holdings has interviewed about 200 individuals and offered contracts to 150 individuals. These appointments are not only for ANN7 employees but employees from other news houses including the SABC, said Manyike. 

Manyike added that Vila Kasi Holdings is doubling salaries which add to the frustration of ANN7 boss.

Business Report contacted Manyi and he refused to comment, saying that it is against company policy to discuss staff matters in the public domain.  

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