The Nando's FireStarters web page was shut down after an alleged security breach.

Nandos may have a security problem. 

On Monday it was reported by Twitter user, Jarn Athern, that the Nando’s FireStarter page may have leaked the personal details of at least one person. 

According to Athern, Nandos may have had security issues. 

Athern tweeted a conversation where a 'Nandos supporter' reached out to another person via Whatsapp in order to be "friends". 

The 'Nandos supporter' allegedly got the personal information from the Nando’s FireStarter page. 

What is really scary is that, according to Athern's tweet, not only a cell number was available but also an email address for the unsuspecting victim of the breach. 


Tweet by Twitter user Jarn Athern. Twitter
Tweet by Twitter user Jarn Athern. Twitter

According to Athern, he received a call from the CFO and Head of Marketing at Nando's after he tweeted the conversation. Athern reported that the Nandos team was investigating the incident. 

Tweet by Twitter user Jarn Athern. Twitter
Tweet by Twitter user Jarn Athern. Twitter

The Nando's FireStarter page has since been shut down. 


So, I have to say that I had no idea what Nando's FireStarter page was until this tweet was brought to my attention. 

According to the company's Facebook page: "You should join the page if you are the ultimate Nando’s fan." 

You become a Nando’s FireStarter by joining the company's online community. This, according to the company's social media posts, is where fans of Nando’s can come together to share their " ex-PERi-PERi-iences". 


Commenting on Athern's thread, a number of people expressed their horror at the invasion of privacy posed by the entire Whatsapp conversation.

One Twitter user thought there was a lighter side to the incident and tweeted "give them my number", with a GIF of being alone. 

Business Report reached out to Athern for more information. 

He reported that "as it stands, the Nando's team has been great - keeping me constantly updated and very concerned about the rest of my private details. 

"The first piece of communication was a direct phone call from the Nando's CFO and Head of Marketing, which I'm quite happy with, and I feel comfortable in saying I believe they're working their hardest to rectify this and ensure it doesn't happen again."

This is a developing story...