Image: Mango Airlines. Photo: Matthew Jordaan

CAPE TOWN - Another WhatsApp scam is doing the rounds and this time it involves Mango Airlines. 

The hoax shows that alleged scammers are pretending to offer people free airline tickets in exchange for sharing a “promotion” with 20 people via WhatsApp.

This is what the “promotional message” says on WhatsApp:

* Mango Airlines is giving away 2 Free tickets Per family to celebrate its 15th Anniversary*. Get your free tickets at: http://www.flyṃ

Upon clicking the link, you are redirected to, and then to

When using the link in chrome, it warned that it will result in a breach in the security settings.

Mango has confirmed via Twitter that the promotion is a hoax and said it is working to shut it down.

They have also said that the promotion is run by a scam account. 

Scammers are known to use WhatsApp as the main platform to spread a scam. 

Earlier this year Business Report warned readers about an Addidas scam that was making the rounds. Remember to always check a company website or official social media page to see if a competition or promotion is real.