A Twitter user shows solidarity with the #BlockSundayTimes tag. Image Via Twitter
A Twitter user shows solidarity with the #BlockSundayTimes tag. Image Via Twitter

Black Twitter drags the Sunday Times over #FakeNews

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jun 18, 2018

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CAPE TOWN - Twitter users have over the past few days voiced their frustration at the Sunday Times over what they described as fake news. A number of users, including some influential media practitioners, have called for people to unfollow the Sunday Times and posted screen grabs of them blocking the Sunday Times' Twitter feed.

The  #BlockSundayTimes tag has been used significantly in the last couple of days to proliferate this message. 


Why so much vitriol and anger at the Sunday Times seems to be the main question. 

One Twitter user (@CamModisane)  wrote:  The Sunday Times is being blocked because every week they refer to black people as the “Mampara of the week”.  Hence Black Twitter is angry

The user is referring to Sunday Times calling Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane a "Mampara of the week", because of her findings against the Helen Zille tweet. In March 2017, Zille tweeted that, "For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport, infrastructure, piped water etc."

Makwebane said that Zille was trying to incite violence when she tweeted about colonialism.


The Sunday Times has also been accused of a number of issues related to false news articles.

Twitter users believe there is a clear intention by the publication to influence the public on a political narrative or agenda that is not true or real. 

Flo Letoaba, the Chief Director at RefilweMatla Media tweeted early on Monday morning "So glad to see Black people identifying media houses that push anti-Black propaganda, this has been happening for a long long time & I apologize for years I myself remained complicit to it #BlockSundayTimes.

According to one user, the hashtag seems to be working

Perhaps one of the most significant effects of the hashtag has been twitter user Izwe Lethu (@LandNoli) poll on whether South Africans should block the Sunday Times.

Her poll has received 2 300 votes in just 16 hours, with 101 retweets. 

You can see more of the debate and users opinions by clicking on the  #BlockSundayTimes tag here


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