Bolt Food has launched in Cape Town and it offers free delivery of essential goods until 23 April 2020. 
Photo: File
Bolt Food has launched in Cape Town and it offers free delivery of essential goods until 23 April 2020. Photo: File

Bolt Food rolls out delivery of essential goods service in Cape Town

By Dhivana Rajgopaul Time of article published Apr 16, 2020

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DURBAN - Bolt Food has launched in Cape Town and it offers free delivery of essential goods until 23 April 2020. 

Bolt drivers will be able to deliver groceries, pet food, health supplements and off-the-shelf medications. 

Expected to roll out countrywide in the coming days, the service helps retailers, greengrocers, butchers, pet stores and independent pharmacies who don’t have delivery partners to stay in business during the lockdown.

Bolt Food drivers are able to transport goods during the same hours that retailers are open for business, ensuring convenience for retailers and their customers, and expanding drivers’ opportunities to earn an income. 

Bolt has also partnered with Shesha Tuks, and now offers Tuk Tuks as an additional category to Bolt users in Sandton and Rosebank. The partnership means that drivers currently operating with Shesha are able to earn an income during lockdown and that Bolt users can travel and receive essential goods. Fares are up to 20 percent cheaper than a Bolt ride in a regular sedan, and the Tuk Tuks will also be available to complete deliveries for Bolt Business Delivery and Bolt Food.

"Bolt is committed to enabling the growth and development of the thousands of micro-entrepreneurs across the country and is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead with Shesha," said Gareth Taylor, country manager of Bolt South Africa.  

Bolt Van has also been added as a category, and is now available in Gauteng, with additional city roll-outs to follow. Bolt Van offers up to three passengers the opportunity to ride together in a seven (or more) seater vehicle, in line with Government’s regulations on physical distancing when using ride-hailing services. 

Taylor said, "We continue to provide sanitisation products and services for Bolt drivers at driver centres across the country, and all the drivers signing up for these new categories are fully trained in the physical distancing, contactless delivery, and vehicle cleanliness requirements described by government".

"With our unwavering focus on entrepreneurship and how small businesses can help address South Africa’s unemployment challenges, these new categories will also help small and medium-sized businesses stay alive by delivering essential products and services to their customers," concluded Taylor.

 Bolt Business Delivery, now launched by the ride-hailing service in South Africa, to help them fulfil orders within the confines of the South African government’s lockdown regulations.

Bolt Business Delivery has a simple, easy-to-use web interface. Retailers can upload deliveries in batches, or they can enter them manually using a simple form. Orders can be set to be picked up immediately or scheduled to be collected within 48 hours.

The real-time tracking features ensure that retailers and customers are fully updated on the progress of the order. Retailers will receive a live status update on the web app and the end-customer will get an SMS notification that their delivery is on the way, 


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