Greyhound bus Photo: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - The South African bus service companies say the recent unrest in Zimbabwe which saw businesses closed yesterday, has not posed any threat to cross-border passenger transport.

Bus route operations between Johannesburg and Zimbabwe's capital Harare and Bulawayo have not given have so far been in good standing.

Customer care manager for Greyhound and Citiliner, Juan-Pierre Du Buisson says their coaches run on two routes to Zimbabwe, Johanessburg to Harare and  Johannesburg to Bulawayo which have been smoothly operational to date.

"Our coaches are monitor by a Risk Management Team through satellite surveillance to detect any operational and technical destructions," said Du Buisson.

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Du Buisson says he is expecting their ticket sales to increase in the coming weeks as the holidays draw to a close.

The owner of Mzanzi Express, a Johannesburg based bus services company, Dylan Mangena said their satellite offices in Zimbabwe have been operational since the beginning of the Zimbabwe crisis.

"We have witnessed police presence on the road, and so far nothing has hindered our business in the country," Mangena concluded.

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Intercape has also confirmed that ticket sales were not affected, and their coaches travel smoothly in Zimbabwe.