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DURBAN - Denel, South Africa’s largest defense equipment supplier, is trying to expand their business to the European market.

The company will have a strong marketing presence at the Central and Eastern Europe’s most well known technology and defense exhibition in Poland this September.

The International Defence Industry Exhibition runs from the 4th to the 8 th of September and gathers the heads of armed forces, analysts, media and defence decision makers.

This the second time that Denel will be present at the exhibition. Acting CEO Zwelakhe Ntshepe said that the Eastern and Central parts of Europe markets are important targets for Denel, especially in areas such as armoured vehicles and infantry weapon systems

To meet the geopolitical climate countries like Poland are in the course of making their armed forces more modern.

Five companies that fall in the Denel Group umbrella with be participants are the exhibition  showcasing a variety of their products. One company, Denel PMP, will showcase diffent sizes of calibre ammunition and a personal assault weapon.

Other Denel companies like Denel Overbag Test Range is a facility used for the testing of missiles and aircraft weapon systems while Denel Land Systems will display infantry combat vehicles and combat turrets.

Denel will look to market their products and systems eight European countries such as Romania, Serbia and Italy.

The exhibition is in its 25th year and will be taking place in Kielce and has become one of the leading defence exhibitions with the exhibition 2016 bringinin 600 exhibitors from 46 countries.